• Wishlanterns

    Wishlantern Pack of 10

    Wishlanterns are basically tiny hot air balloon's that you light up and watch float peacefully for a bit. These are cool decorations and a fun activity at a party or wedding. When the fire goes out it floats gently to the ground.

  • Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

    Neptune Underwater MP3 Player by FINIS

    This MP3 player lets you listen to music underwater without needing headphones. It transmits perfect audio directly through your cheekbone using bone conduction.

  • PowerBlock Dumbbell Set

    PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell Set

    A Powerblock dumbbell set can replace 16 separate sets of dumbbells in a very compact space. The weight is very quickly adjustable just by sliding a lever. This is perfect for any home fitness regimen.

  • Bottle Opener Beer Mug

    AdnArt Pint Glass Beer Mug with Beer Opener Base

    If you have this beer mug, you'll never be without a bottle opener. This has one built right into the base so you can get back to drinking just as quickly as you can pop off the cap. What else are you going to do, drink beer from twist off bott...

  • Wonder Washer

    Wonder Washer Portable Washing Machine

    If you've ever had to survive without a washing machine, you know how frustrating that experience could be. Whether you're stuck in a tiny apartment or dorm, an RV or boat, this tiny portable washing machine can be your personal life saver and kee...

  • Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

    Suck UK Bear Skin Gingham Picnic Blanket

    Don't worry, no bears were actually harmed in the construction of this bear-shaped picnic blanket. Set this down so you don't have to sit directly on the grass where the ants can crawl in your crotch. This is waterproof and easily rolls up so you ...

  • Rugged Waterproof Speakers

    FreshETech ALL-Terrain Rugged Bluetooth Waterproof Personal Speakers

    If you need your speakers to survive while you're rolling around in the mud, this can help. Normally you don't see wireless speakers described as all-terrain, but this is sort of like a GoPro and suitable for many different environments, including...

  • Magnetic Sand Hourglass

    Homee Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass with Magnetic Iron Filings

    You've seen plenty of hourglasses before, but have you seen one with magnetic sand? Technically, it has iron fillings, not sand, but close enough. If you want a cool desk toy for your office or just love playing with magnets, you're going to have ...

  • iPin iPhone laser pointer

    iPin iPhone-powered laser pointer presenter

    Now your iPhone can shoot laser beams during your boring PowerPoint presentations. What might be the world's tiniest laser fits inside the 3.5mm earphone jack and you can just press a button in the App to point on the screen during your school or ...

  • Foamie Board Surfboard

    6' Foamie Board Surfboard Beginner's Surf Board

    Have you ever wanted to go surfing but didn't know where to start? This is a good beginner's surfboard for learning how to surf without killing yourself. It's built to take a pounding (just like your mother) but soft enough to avoid knocking you o...

  • Caffeinated Maple Syrup

    Wired Wyatt's Caffeinated Maple Flavored Syrup

    Forget coffee or energy drinks, just throw some caffeinated maple syrup on your pancakes. This is a little bit unusual, but it will make your breakfast foods give you a kick in the butt. This package comes with 2 big glass bottles so you can keep ...

  • The Equation Watch

    The Equation Unisex Quartz Water Resistant Analog Black Strap Watch

    This is a great gift for any math geek. This analog watch is filled with math equations instead of normal numbers. Though there are a lot of interesting Apple iWatch Rumors, this is definitely the watch that will make your geek friends jealous.

  • Shark Attack Glass

    300ML New Sharks Cup Handmade Glass Beer Mug Glassware by CANHUA

    This glass will make you scared to take another sip when you see the shark's mouth lunging out at you. If you think sharks are awesome, or if you just like drinking beer (or soda) you'll probably find this to be an interesting way to serve your fr...

  • Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust

    Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

    Vroom! Vroom! This will instantly make your child's bike the coolest on the block. Years ago, kids would have made their bicycle sound like a motorcycle by setting a playing card in between the spokes. The modern equivalent is much louder and cool...

  • ISIS Logo T-Shirt

    Ripple Junction Men's Archer Sterling ISIS Logo T-Shirt

    So, people are probably going to look at you really weird if you wear this Archer shirt. That's because ISIS is currently in the news for a lot of crazy stuff. Coincidentally, ISIS from the Archer TV show also does a lot of crazy stuff.

  • Convict Conditioning Book

    Convict Conditioning Book - Bodyweight fitness training.

    You can get really strong just by using your own body weight. Expensive equipment and gym memberships can help, but just progressing through numerous pushup, pullup, squat, and other exercise variations can also help you get in shape. This is writ...

  • Pizza Beanbag Chair

    Slice of Pizza Beanbag Chair by Wow! Works

    Your dorm room is already filled with empty pizza boxes, so your furniture might as well blend in. Plop this down in front of your TV and you have an instant gaming seat. Just don't try and eat it.

  • Death Wish Coffee

    The World's Strongest Coffee. Organic, whole bean and fair trade.

    Ever wanted to know what it's like to feel ants crawling under your skin without all of the nasty side-effects of heroin? Have a couple of cups of Death Wish coffee and you may just find out. This company's goal was to create a dark and highly caf...

  • Mystical Fire Colorant Packets

    Mystical Fire Campfire Fireplace Colorant Packets 12 Pack

    Toss a packet on the flames when you have a campfire going, and you'll be treated to a super-colorful light show. This can be used safely indoors or outdoors, so if you have an indoor fireplace or like singing camp songs with your buddies, this sh...

  • 94Fifty Smart Basketball

    94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

    This smart basketball will help you develop a sick game. It has many built-in sensors that measure stats like your shooting angle, ball rotation, dribbling speed, force, and others. This ball will do just everything but pass itself to you. When yo...

  • Gold Playing Cards

    Deck of Poker Playing Cards in 999.9 Gold Foil Plating with Certificate and Mahogany Box by Vgotgifts

    Up the stakes during poker night with a set of gold plated playing cards. Really! These are gold plated playing cards with the card on one side and gold plated money images on the reverse. It comes in a classy Mahogony gift box too.

  • Kids Chalk Table and Benches

    P'kolino Chalk Table and Benches

    This Children's Chalk Table is so cute. It's a normal kids size table and set of benches. The top flips over and you've got a chalk board to draw on with plenty of storage space right underneath it. This is awesome for kids under 6 years old.

  • Easel Artist Set

    Royal All Media 124 Piece Sketching & Drawing Easel Artist Set by Nowells

    This wooden case turns into an easel and comes with everything you need to make beautiful art. It comes with pretty pastels, vibrant color pencils, bright fluorescent and metalic pencils, watercolors, charcoal penicils, graphite, and much, much more.

  • Fitbit Wristband

    Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

    With the Fitbit Wristband you can start keeping track of your personal health statistics. Keep track of how many steps you take and how many calories you burn and monitor how long and how relaxed your sleep is. Then use the iPhone or Android App t...

  • Thomas the Train Bath Buddies

    Thomas the Train: Bulstrode Bath Buddies by Fisher-Price

    What the heck is a train doing floating in your bathtub? Take Bulstrode and Thomas the Tank Engine out for a little bathtime adventure. You can even squeeze Thomas and water shoots out of his smokestack. This is a cute bathtub toy for a young girl...

  • Glass Top Drafting Table

    Studio Designs Glass Top 2-Piece Vision Rolling Drafting Table

    This is a really modern looking drafting table with a tempered glass top. The angle is adjustable from totally flat to 70 degrees. It comes with lots of little storage drawers and compartments for your art supplies. You can get a lot of creative w...

  • Tabletop Baseball Game

    Ballpark Classics MLB Baseball Game by Tudor Games

    Nothing beats playing baseball in your living room without breaking a sweat. This is a foosball-like tabletop baseball game where you can throw different pitches like fastballs, curves, and more. You use real baseball strategies and try and hit th...

  • Keva Planks

    Keva Maple Plank Set

    Playing with Keva planks is like playing Jenga on overdrive. You get hundreds of precision cut planks of perfectly equal thickness so you can build amazing towers, castles, and even little contraptions you can bounce a ball in.

  • Chalk Board Table Runner

    Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Board Table Runner

    This chalk board table runner is a cool way to leave instructions or write a funny note on the table. It comes with ButterStix chalk that doesn't leave dust anywhere. It's perfect for hosting parties and is completely reusable.

  • Man Cave Neon LED Sign

    19 x 10 MAN CAVE Neon LED Sign by Neon Signs

    This is a funny gift for the man in your life to decorate his man cave with. It's a glowing neon sign that you can hang on the wall or a window that says "Man Cave" on it. This will let the world know that it's your man's special sanctuary to chil...

  • PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

    PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum

    The PowerSmith Ash Vacuum is a shop vacuum that's designed to get warm and cool ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and barbeque grills. Now cleaning up after a toasty fire is a breeze. And it has all of the attachments you'd expect...

  • Cat Hair Tee Shirt

    Cat Hair Is Lonely People Glitter - Tee Shirt Gildan Softstyle

    No, this shirt isn't made out of cat hair. But it is perfect for the forever alone cat lady in your life. It comes in a few light colors and says "Cat Hair Is Lonely People Glitter" on it. A funny joke for any cat lover.

  • Stamina Rowing Machine

    Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

    A rowing machine is a great way to get your heart rate up at home and get a quick workout in. This Stamina rowing machine is a great value for the price and has adjustable resistance settings. Then just fold it up when you're done.

  • Yeti USB Microphone

    Blue Microphones Yeti Silver USB Microphone

    If you want to become a YouTube star or kick your podcast into high gear, you need a better microphone than the mediocre one that's built into almost every laptop. This Yeti microphone is great quality for the price - it has multiple pattern selec...

  • Bane Mask

    Full Adult Size Bane Mask. Batman Halloween Costume by xcoser.

    Batman's final nemesis from the Dark Knight Trilogy has the creepiest looking crazy mask. You can transform yourself into Bane and make a memorable costume next Halloween.

  • Photo Studio Lighting Kit

    CowboyStudio Photography/Video Studio Triple Lighting Kit with 10 feet x 12 feet Backdrops

    Whether you're interested in setting up a photography studio in your home or just want to make high-quality amateur porn, you'll want to check out this studio lighting kit. It comes with various stands, umbrellas, lights, and black, white, and chr...

  • Sodastream Jet Starter Kit

    Sodastream Jet Starter Kit

    The Sodastream Jet Starter Kit is a great way to make your own soda at home. Add a reusable CO2 carbonator, any flavors you want (it comes with a sample pack), and add water and you can make your own healthy and environmentally friendly soda right...

  • Monster High School Playset

    Monster High High School Playset by Mattel

    Some people just don't like anything resembling a dollhouse, but I'm pretty sure they'll make an exception for this super cool Monster High High School Playset. It has two stories worth of rooms including the mad science classroom, creepateria, ca...

  • Oakley Polarized Goggles

    Oakley A Frame 2014 Polarized Goggles

    These are much cooler than Kareem's goggles and perfect for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The polaric ellipsoid lens geometry gives you crystal clear vision at any angle and also protects you from UV rays. If you want to spend any ti...

  • Mammoth Sleeping Bag

    TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag (94"x 62")

    Next time you go camping, you'll have a sleeping bag that's big enough to fit you and a few of your closest friends. This is Flannel Lined and very warm and perfect for camping during those cold nights.

  • Powershred Paper Shredder

    Fellowes Powershred 100-Percent Jam Proof 14 Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

    Let's see if the IRS can find proof of your offshore accounts hidden in the Caymans after you throw your secret documents in this Powershred Cross-Cut Paper Shredder. It's loaded with handy features and is tough enough to turn not only paper, but ...

  • Electric Wine Bottle Opener

    Waring Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Recharging Station

    If you're one of those fools that struggles to open a bottle of wine, this electric wine bottle opener might help. It's easily portable, has a charging base so you can move it wherever you need to, and easily opens lots of bottles of wine for you....

  • Numark iDJ Pro for iPad

    Numark iDJ Pro Professional DJ Controller for iPad

    Anybody can become a fake DJ by grabbing an old iPod and playing some 90s rap songs by Will Smith, but real DJs have some sweet equipment like the Numark iDJ Pro Professional DJ Controller for iPad. Just slide your iPad in this, fire up Algoriddim...

  • Cowboy Tee Pee

    Pacific Play Tents Cowboy Tee Pee

    This cowboy tee pee is a tent that your kids will have a lot of fun with. It has cool old Western style decor and imagery, has a sky-view window on one side so your kids can keep a lookout for danger, and is big enough to comfortably fit 4 childre...

  • Digital Kitchen Scale

    EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

    A good kitchen scale can help you count your calories and keep portions down to size so you can stick to your New Years Resolution of losing some weight. It has a tare feature, a large LCD screen that displays ounces/lbs/grams/kgs, an 11 pound cap...

  • Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

    Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver by Underground Toys

    Too bad this copy of Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver isn't real! This has spring-loaded extending action and a bright green LED light. Pretend you're right there with the Doctor while you're watching new episodes!

  • DryGuy Boot and Glove Dryer

    DryGuy Wide-Body Boot and Glove Dryer

    Don't you hate it when your boots and gloves get soggy from the snow and rain? This forced-air garment dryer is the cure for stinky and wet shoes and gloves. It blasts hot air inside of them so stuff dries off and yucky bacteria and mold can't mov...

  • Rainbow Foam Wonder Mats

    Rainbow Interlocking foam Wonder Mats, 36 pieces.

    This is perfect for a playroom or living room. You get 36 colorful foam pieces that are a 12 inches square that you can easily connect to make a large foam mat. It's more than half an inch thick so it's comfortable to sit on and play.

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