• Moroccan Tea Glasses

    Casablanca Market New Morjana Gold Mix Tea Glasses

    Moroccan tea glasses are probably the coolest and most colorful cups you can buy. They can obviously be used for beverages other than tea and will look so amazing in your kitchen too.

  • Zero Fog Blaster

    Zero Toys Zero Fog Blaster

    This is like a ray gun, only instead of beams of liquid hot plasma, shoots out smoke rings up to 14 feet. Now you can shoot out giant smoke rings like Gandalf did in the first Lord Of The Rings movie without needing to smoke.

  • Storymatic Cards

    Storymatic Classic

    This sounds weird, but can really be a lot of fun for telling stories, holding weird conversations, playing charades or acting out scenes, or playing games. Draw a bunch of cards with prompts on them, and you can use that to have a great time with...

  • Bamboo Wild Bird Feeder

    H Potter Large Bamboo Wild Bird Feeder

    This designer bird feeder brings a touch of Asian design and class to your backyard. It's made of steel with a brass trim and copper finish and looks stunning. Set this up and you'll be able to go bird watching anytime because all of the birds wil...

  • Retro Candy Gift Box

    Candy Crate 1940's Classic Retro Candy Gift Box

    With this candy gift box, you'll learn what it feels like to be a 1940s kid, minus all of that crazy war stuff. It's filled with caramels, forbidden candy cigarettes, licorice, taffy, and lots of chocolates. Anybody with a sweet tooth will love th...

  • ArtBin Sidekick Box

    Extra Large ArtBin Sidekick Box

    A large ArtBin Sidekick Box is perfect for transporting your art supplies around, particularly for plein air painting outdoors. It has plenty of compartments and dividers for all of your tools and brushes and at least your oils and acrylic paints ...

  • NanoCare Facial Steamer

    Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

    Every woman likes to receive a warm facial every now and then. This steamer sends fine steam to your face quickly, which can unclog pores and help your remove dirt and oils. It's a great alternative to exfoliating scrubs and harsh chemical peels.

  • Magnetic Hammer

    Bon All Steel Magnetic Hammer

    Magneto is the only person who doesn't need this hammer. Magnets hold nails in place and also help you easily pick up nails that you drop and that roll around under hard to reach spots. Good tool to have on hand at your workbench.

  • Lomography Diana Camera Kit

    Lomography Diana Deluxe Camera Kit

    This is photography gone old school. Instead of whipping out your phone and taking a picture and applying some snappy Instagram or Hipstamatic filter, you'll learn how to actually use light to create all kinds of neat effects. This is a fantastic ...

  • Rainy Flower Pot

    Singeek Wall Mounted Rainy Flower Pot

    This flower pot is ridiculously cute and comes with both a blue and green one. You mount them on the wall and pour water into the clouds and it rains on your plants. It's very colorful and cute and almost looks like it's transported from a Mario B...

  • Culinary Herb Garden Kit

    Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit

    You can grow herbs if you live in the countryside or have an outdoor garden, but what if you live in an apartment? The answer might be these stackable TerraCotta planters. It comes with seeds for Thyme, Basil, Sage, and other great cooking herbs. ...

  • Food Decorator Pens

    AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens

    If you enjoy baking cool desserts you should think about getting a set of colorful food decorating pens. All you need to do is draw on any firm food service to get a nice dose of food coloring on there. Just put the cap on when you're done and ref...

  • Hepper Pod Bed

    Hepper Pod Bed

    Your cat will enjoy jumping up into its own private little bedroom. This will make your cat feel safe and is comfy and made of extremely soft materials but the frame is made out of a strong steel frame. If this was just a bit bigger, I'd want to s...

  • Cubebot Brain Teaser Puzzle

    Areaware Wood Micro Cubebot Brain Teaser Puzzle

    This is cool, it's an action figure that's also a puzzle. Your goal is to transform it to a cube. When you're not playing with it you can let it hang out on your desk.

  • AcuRite Color Weather Station

    AcuRite Color Weather Station

    Life is much easier when you have your local weather information right from from your backyard. With temperature, humidity, and other stats, you can quickly figure out if it's going to rain or not and pick out an appropriate ensemble for the day. ...

  • Cold Brew Bean Bags

    Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags

    A super simple way to make cold brew coffee with no special equipment is within reach. Just grab one of Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags that's loaded with coffeee, chicory, and spices, plop it in fridge overnight and you've got a week's worth of aweso...

  • Razor A Kick Scooter

    Razor A Kick Scooter

    Kids and teens that can't drive yet need some way to get around. This is a perfect way for them to have fun in their driveway and neighborhood. These scooters help kids glide around everywhere and have a hell of a lot of fun while getting in some ...

  • Cat Tank Playhouse

    Suck UK Tank Playhouse

    Tanking isn't just for the Sixers, but now for cats as well. Your cat can crawl and jump inside this cute cardboard tank and pretend to be Rommel or some other famous military dude. There are also airplanes and other cool models so check it out if...

  • Bloody Pillow

    Bloody Pillow (for Fun) 100% Velvet Fabric Blood Color Only

    If a hotel had a pillow that looked like a giant puddle of blood, you should immediately check out. But this is a comfortable velvet pillow that will liven up the design of your living room and get people talking. It can also be used in an office ...

  • Nice Underwear Doormat

    High Cotton Wow! Nice Underwear Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

    This funny doormat will make your visitors smile. You can leave it just inside your home for your guests to wipe their feet or leave it outside to freak out all of your neighbors. Either way, it's sure to get people talking.

  • Foodie Dice

    Random Foodie Dice

    Foodie Dice will help you have more fun in the kitchen and eat new meals. Kind of like the Food Network show chopped, you can just randomly select a few dice and give yourself interesting new ingredient combinations that you've never tried. Cookin...

  • Collapsible Mug

    GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug

    When backpacking and hiking, space is always at a premium. This mug helps you save space in your pack by shrinking to less than 2 inches tall when collapsed. The handle locks into position in different ways and this can also be used as a scoop or ...

  • Portable Bidet

    Blue Bidet Portable Bidet

    You too can enjoy the cool refreshing feeling of water cleaning your butt hole after a poop even if your home doesn't have a bidet. Just fill this bad boy up, stick the wand between your legs, and give it a good squeeze. Also useful if you suffer ...

  • Stability Ball with Pump

    Exercise Stability Ball with Pump by Black Mountain

    A giant ball can be your key to health. Between crunches, lunges, pike pushups, wall squats, and much more, there's a way to get a great workout with this, particularly with your abs and core muscles. A little variety will go a long way. This come...

  • Hydration Backpack

    Compact Modular Hydration Backpack by Fox Outdoor

    Do you go hiking, rock climbing, biking, hunting, or go on pilgrimages through vast deserts and need to bring a lot of water with you? One of the best ways to bring a lot of water is with a hydration backpack. 2.5 liters of H2O is available when y...

  • Spot Headlamp

    Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

    Whether you plan on going cave diving, like hiking at night, or need a better solution to go pooping in the dark, this headlamp will help you. It has power tap technology, red night vision mode, strobe settings, proximity modes, and more.

  • Good Grips Jar Opener

    OXO Good Grips Jar Opener

    Sometimes you need a big strong man around to open your jars. If you don't have one, you can use this jar opener instead. Forget running the lid under hot water or nearly breaking your hand trying to open a stuck jar, just lock this around the jar...

  • Go Girl

    Go Girl Female Urination Device

    Girls are capable of doing everything as well as guys...except for peeing standing up. The Go Girl helps you out with that. Start drinking lots of water ladies because you're going to want to experience the joy of easy public urination too! Urine ...

  • Philips DJ Sound System

    Philips DJ Bluetooth Sound System and Docking Station

    If you had an iPad as well as this DJ Sound System, you would have an easily portable DJ setup that would rival what most well-equipped venues already have. It's powered by plugging it in or even just batteries and has deep bass built right into i...

  • Bloody Cleaver Purse

    Bloody Cleaver Kreepsville Handbag

    Halloween isn't the only day of the year that you can be scary. This purse looks like a bloody meat cleaver and will make people think you're not to be messed with. It looks cool and is different, which is an interesting fashion choice.

  • Babymop

    Babymop = Cleaning Mop + Rompers

    Toddlers are expensive! Make your baby earn its keep by mopping your floor as it plays around the house. It's a humorous and funny gift for any baby owner. Baby not included in packaging.

  • Japanese Whale Chef's Knife

    Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kurouchi Kujira Whale Utility Japanese Chef's Knife

    Not only is this chef's knife very useful in the kitchen, but it also brings a sense of playful style to your kitchen. It has classic Japanese minimalist styling and looks like a very cute little whale.

  • Magnetic Poetry Kit

    Original Magnetic Poetry Kit

    Stick magnetic words on your fridge and use this for creative inspiration. This set comes with 300 words. Use it to make funny sayings, be perverted, or just make people who go to grab some milk laugh their butt off.

  • Fake Poop

    DOMAGRON Premium Fake Poop

    If you want to prank somebody without the threat of going to jail, some nice premium fake poop is just what the doctor ordered. It has a realistic color and texture, without the smell. So you can probably throw this in somebody's soup or fling it ...

  • Crabs Adjust Humidity

    Crabs Adjust Humidity by Vampire Squid Cards

    Cards Against Humanity is fun, but nothing spices up a game more than throwing some new wacky cards into the mix. This 3rd party expansion pack will make your games much more interesting with gems like "erotic balloon animals" and references to br...

  • BioLite Campstove

    BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

    Cook your dinner and charge your phone at the same time with this unique campstove. Just collect some twigs. The starter battery kick-starts the flame and then the fire cooks your food and converts the excess heat into electricity which you can ge...

  • Cereal and Snack Dispenser

    Rosseto Cereal and Snack Dispenser

    Do you love grabbing cereal and snacks in the morning? If so, this is the perfect way to quickly get it. You just turn one of 2 knobs, and get a portion of cereal (or any other snack you want) right in your bowl. Also could be fun for ice cream or...

  • Humans of New York

    Humans of New York Hardcover Book – by Brandon Stanton

    Humans of New York is a very inspiring book that captures hundreds of pictures of New Yorkers and their stories. You'll laugh, cry, and feel intense admiration at many of the pictures of faces and short stories within.

  • Light My Fire TinderSticks

    Light My Fire TinderSticks Natural Fire Building Material

    Unless you're a professional pyromaniac, sometimes it can be hard to get a fire started. You either have to rub two sticks together really quickly, douse your wood in gasoline, or just use these TinderSticks. One or two small sticks can get a roar...

  • Big Bag Of Science

    Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science

    Teach your 8-12 year old about science with this big bag of tools and safe chemicals. Perfect for a parent to spend time with their child or even for science fairs as it has over 70 experiments you can do. Learn about polymers and superabsorbents,...

  • Power Up Flask

    GAMAGO Power Up Flask

    This is a great gift for that booze-loving gamer you hang out with. This flask resembles a classic Game Boy and is sure to give you a little power up as you try and get through the day.

  • Sport-Brella Umbrella

    Sport-Brella Umbrella - Portable Sun and Weather Shelter

    Going camping, out for a visit to the beach, or spending a day at a soccer game? Don't let the weather get you down. The Sport-Brella is a giant shelter you can seek refuge under while waiting for the storm clouds to pass.

  • Monbento Bento Box

    Monbento Original Bento Box

    This is a perfect little stylish lunchbox for work, school, or the the park. It has little compartments where you can put different pieces of food. It's air-tight, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Game of Thrones Cookbook

    A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

    Have you ever fantasized about what life is actually like in the Game of Thrones? This gives you a taste of that. Make a feast fit for Winterfell or indulge in some meat that the Night’s Watch would make. This is an absolutely amazing and incred...

  • Herschel Supply Backpack

    Herschel Supply Co. Jasper

    These stylish and minimalist backpacks are perfect for just about anything. They're big enough for your books and laptop, but not so big that it gets in your way. They come in a series of designer and cool color combinations.

  • biOrb Flow Aquarium

    biOrb 15L Flow Aquarium

    The Flow aquarium is an absolutely gorgeous acrylic fish tank with built-in LED lights. It's perfect for decorating your home with some small fish or shrimp. Add some nice aquatic plants, and you'll have something peaceful to look at every night.

  • Wall Planters

    Urbio Big Happy Family Wall Planters

    These magnetic wall planters give you a way to decorate your tiny apartment in a modern and classy way. Throw some plants, flowers, or even herbs in there to add some nature to your living space. You can also use these modular pieces as storage sp...

  • Attack on Titan Leggings

    Attack on Titan Printed Leggings

    Attack on Titan Fans will enjoy dressing up these cute printed leggings. It's a polyester and spandex mix that is covered with cartoon images from the series.

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